Latinos More Anxious Before Surgery, Desire Detailed Information, Study Shows

CHICAGO – Latinos may be more anxious than Caucasian patients about having surgery and also want more detailed information before having a procedure, suggests research being presented at the ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2016 annual meeting.

Preoperative anxiety, which affects about 80 percent of adult patients, can negatively affect recovery and pain. The new research suggests anxiety may be an even bigger problem among Latinos, especially those who are Spanish-speaking. Until now, no studies have evaluated self-reported changes in anxiety among Latino patients in the preoperative setting.

“Often due to cultural reasons, we’ve found that some Latino patients do not question their health care providers and may be left with unanswered concerns, which can lead to increased levels of anxiety,” said Zeev Kain, M.D., senior author of the study and Chancellor’s Professor of Anesthesiology, Pediatrics and Medicine, University of California, Irvine. “Latinos are the largest minority population in this country and increasing numbers of Latino patients are undergoing surgery each year. Studies that help us understand the needs of our patients and the impact ethnicity, culture, gender and other factors might have on perioperative care are important.” Read more…

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